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September 30, 2005


Jerry Blanton

As a branding professional I take no offense at having the naming process demystified. If anything, I applaud the effort. However, despite the sound logic and smart approach outlined in the article, there will always be companies that spend too little time thinking about who they are and too much on what they should be called or what the logo should look like.

No. 3 is the most important of the steps above and time after time I see companies who manage to mess it up completely. Perhaps the positioning statement was always an imprecise instrument but nonetheless it should be crafted with care and with simplicity in mind and err on the side of real words versus mumbo jumbo. Does your positioning statement have phrases like "solutions provider,"best of breed" or "a leading company"? Take them out. They neither differentiate you from your competition nor do they actually mean ANYTHING. You won't have lost anything; quite the opposite, you may end up with real words that mean something to you and your employees.

It may even help you name your company.

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